Oakbridge Camp

An aerial view of Oakbridge Camp

Oakbridge Camp is owned and operated by Young Life. Less than an hour's drive from beautiful San Diego, California, Oakbridge Conference Center is a natural escape from the everyday routines of life. It's a place where relationships are built, bonds are formed, and lessons learned. Comfortable accommodations, quality prepared meals, and beautiful scenery make Oakbridge a perfect setting for middle school students.

As often as possible, Young Life Kern County (Bakersfield) makes Oakbridge our primary destination for WYLD Life camping. 

For more information please contact Coach Paxton (612) -9179 or email yl.kerncounty@gmail.com.

Also see http://oakbridge.younglife.org


Young Life Kern County | PO Box 2657 Bakersfield, CA 93303-2657

Phone: 612-269-9179

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